Break down barriers and celebrate accessibility in Ontario

Did you know that over 1.85 million Ontarians are living with some sort of disability? Today, December 3, marks the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, and we encourage people across Ontario to remove barriers and make their businesses more accessible.

Making a business accessible does more than help others. Improved accessibility could help increase customer retail sales in Ontario by up to $10 million dollars. As a small business owner, making your location open and accessible to all Ontarians may improve your bottom line.

Sometimes accessibility means creating a welcoming space that a person of limited mobility can easily get around. Look around your business and ask yourself:

Accessibility can also mean taking extra time to accommodate a communication challenge.

Whenever possible, ask the person directly how best to communicate with them.

Wondering what to do next? Creating an accessible business is about know-how. Take advantage of the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development Trade and Employment's guides and tools to learn about standards and make sure you are doing your part.

Accessibility isn't just about improving society for people living with disabilities; it's about improving society for all of us.

For more information, visit our Accessibility section and read our previous blog post on accessibility.

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