Engaging Generation Y — how your business can attract Millennials

Generation Y consumers were born in the early 80s through the late 90s. Known also as Millennials, this group has often been identified as the most tech-savvy and engaged generation due to its constant access to technology. When developing a product or service geared toward this demographic, keep in mind that Millennials rely on technology like no other group in history.

Social media is king with this group; since this demographic is on social media, make sure you are too. Millennials are likely to:

When developing a marketing plan for your business, you may want to consult with members of your staff that represent or understand the particular needs and wants of this group. Consider implementing or upgrading your technology offerings to meet the needs of Generation Y. This can be done in a variety of ways.

As with all generational groups, Millennials are more likely to do business with companies that think like they do. Make sure that you advertise your point of view on several important issues.

In the end, showing Millennials, or Generation Y, that your business is “walking the talk” will inspire confidence in your business and can offer you more opportunity for growth.

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