Financing Your Growing Business – Part 2 – The Investment Proposal

Shutterstock 9521440This is the second post in a three-part series this week on how to obtain private sector funding for your growing business.

To develop a strategy designed to attract potential investors to provide growth capital for your business, you will want to focus on their requirements. Investors tend to look for businesses with good potential for growth to ensure an excellent return on investment and smooth access to their money when the time comes.

Potential investors may want to see:

To attract the interest of investors, a compelling investment proposal is important. Your business plan is for internal use, but the investment proposal is a vehicle to sell your ideas and raise funds. Your proposal works as a pitch and details:

Tips on writing an investment proposal include:

What value does your proposal hold for investors? Why should they invest in your business over others? See our section on the Accessing equity financing. for details on what yours should include and how to write one that is effective.

We'll discuss the next step, negotiating with investors and working through the deal, in our upcoming blog post. In the meantime, visit our section on Grants and financing for more information on {inline-4}

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