Getting Fit: The New Green Economy

Istock 000008457494xsmallThe green economy is the new economy. Over the last decade, the idea that industries must shift to a green-friendly, sustainable-footing has firmly taken root in countries all over the world. In Ontario, the provincial government has launched a number of initiatives to cultivate the growth of businesses in this new direction.

The Ontario government wants your innovative and sustainable green technology businesses to be the engines of Ontario's New Green Economy. Your ideas could put you on the leading edge of the next wave of global innovation. By targeting new technologies through its procurement process, the government will actively support businesses in bringing those innovations to the market place.

Ontario's Green Focus on Innovation and Technology (GreenFIT) strategy aims to do just that by both speeding up the move to new green solutions within the provincial public sector and supporting the growth of the companies that create these new technologies.

The program focuses on green technologies that:

Do you have an innovative green product or service? You can check the GreenFIT Opportunities website for open calls for proposals, posted by public sector agencies, that match what you have to offer. You can also search MERX for Open Opportunities that fit with your product or service.

If your particular innovation is not actively being sought, you can still assess its eligibility by using the online self assessment tool. The process takes about 30-45 minutes to complete and gives you an idea of whether it would be worth your while to commit the time and resources it takes to work up a formal proposal of your idea, called an “Open Expression of Interest (EOI)”  (link no longer valid), and to submit it for consideration. Check out the How To Participate page for all the details.

You can see all the new green technologies that have been supported by this program in the GreenFIT Showcase. Maybe you will see yours there soon!

To learn more about making your business green, check out our section on Resources for greening your business.


Posted by Guy on November 12, 2010
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