Making your case: Presentations that work

When you're giving a presentation, you want to be engaging and informative. These tips can help you get your message across successfully.

Define your message and stick to it:

Keep it as short as possible — be succinct and to the point. Don't get hung up on your intro — briefly introduce yourself and your company, and then move on to the main message. Your message should be crafted to meet the needs of your audience. If they are looking for information on your products or services, you will want to have a strong sales pitch prepared. If you are invited to give a presentation on a general business topic, however, you may want to focus more on educational content than on a straight sales pitch.

Customize each presentation you give to your audience's specific situation:

Be prepared for questions:

Other tips:

Whether your goal is to create a working relationship with a potential partner, to seal the deal with a new customer, or to secure financing, you will want to conclude your presentation with a compelling call to action.

To learn more about getting your message across successfully, visit our page on Public relations and media relations.


Posted by Wondayen on April 4, 2013

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