Reverse mentoring: Get a new perspective on your business!

Are you looking for guidance? Ready to learn new skills? If so, reverse mentoring might be right for you! Traditionally, mentors are older and more experienced than their mentees. Reverse mentoring uses a different approach: younger or less experienced employees act as mentors to older or more experienced employees or business owners.

For example, a recent graduate may not have many years of experience, but as a mentor, they will be able to share the latest advances in their field of study. A reverse mentor could also help you successfully tap into new ways of doing business: using social media to reach your customers, recruiting younger employees, or introducing new technologies to the workplace.

A successful reverse mentoring program could help you:

If a reverse mentoring relationship is right for you, these tips can help you make it work:

Keep in mind that reverse mentoring does not need to replace traditional mentor/mentee relationships: both can be useful ways of sharing knowledge and ideas.

To learn more about how employees of all ages can strengthen your business, visit BDC's Managing generational diversity in your business page. You may also want to visit our page on Leadership skills for information on encouraging leadership within your business.


Posted by Pierre on November 16, 2012
J'aimerai bien rencontrer un mentorat vers le mois de janvier vers le 9, 10, 11 janvier 2013 si possible le jour ou bien dans l'après-midi si possible je suis dans la région Edmonton, Alberta
Posted by Canada Business Network on November 20, 2012
Merci pour vos commentaires. Liaison Entreprise, à Edmonton, fait partie du Réseau Entreprises Canada. Liaison Entreprise offre des renseignements et des ressources visant à aider les entrepreneurs et les propriétaires de petites entreprises à lancer ou à faire croître leur entreprise en Alberta.

Bien que Liaison Entreprise ne propose pas actuellement de programme de mentorat, vous pouvez parler à un agent des services aux entreprises qui peut vous fournir des conseils et des ressources.

Si vous êtes intéressé, veuillez appeler Liaison Entreprise au 1-800-272-9675 pour fixer un rendez-vous à son bureau d'Edmonton.

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