The Red Tape Reduction Commission

January 13, 2011 - Tags: Events, Regulations

Shutterstock 64982887Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced today the creation of the Red Tape Reduction Commission, which will work to reduce the burden of federal regulatory requirements on Canadian enterprises, especially small- and medium-sized businesses.

The Red Tape Reduction Commission, chaired by Rob Moore, Minister of State (Small Business and Tourism) has been established to:

  • identify irritants to business stemming from federal regulatory requirements, with a focus on irritants that have a clear detrimental effect on growth, competitiveness and innovation;
  • recommend options that address the irritants on a long-term basis, while ensuring that the environment and the health and safety of Canadians are not compromised in the process.

The Commission will also consult Canadian businesses and individuals through an online consultation process at, which will be open until April 22, 2011, and by hosting a series of roundtables across Canada (dates, times and locations of the roundtables will be made public shortly).

Building on past and ongoing Government initiatives to reduce the burden of complying with regulatory requirements, the Commission will help find effective and lasting solutions to reduce red tape for Canadian small- and medium-sized businesses.


Really?  That would be nice - does this commission also help small businesses to get out of debt ‘retroactively’ - to forgive tax debt for instance?  Seriously - can our company be your role-model for how our government CAN actually help, rather than keep stressing us out?  Maybe we could do a YouTube thing together or Facebook site so ‘the people’ could perhaps gather faith that our government actually does want to help US - rather than keep draining the very people that keep your pensions nice and fat???  I have nothing but compassion and love and pride that Canada is so helpful to others, HOWEVER, I’m gonna get selfish for once in my life (ok, maybe twice) and say HOW ABOUT US???????  It starts at home… can we start to fix US so there will be more of us to HELP OTHERS?
Ok I’m done.  Thanks for listening.  We’re considering filing for bankruptcy.  We may lose our home, but we’re fighting to keep everything we’ve worked so hard for.  Through injuries, sickness, death, family troubles - trying to make ends meet when our pay is far less compared to how things (costs of just living) have risen. 
We’re trying to make a living in our hometown, when contractors from ‘the city’ keep getting called in instead of using our own people - it starts local…. pffhhh - ok… now I see why.  Where are our angels?  Probably not here locally…

By Robin on January 14, 2011

Are You really serious?? or is this just another get votes fasade??
  First step is to get rid of the small employer’s contribution to the employee’s UIC.
  It’s bad enough that we have to work 24/7 to keep our employees employed and paid let alone,have tobe paying for the possibility that they will not be working.Heck they would always be working if we were not burdened with all the Government costs for just keeping them emplyed??
This would be a first big step in the right direction.
  Thank you for listening.

By Don on January 18, 2011

Presumably universities fall within the category of “businesses” small, moderate and large depending on size.
In a similar vein the definition of Red Tape would have to include the ever increasing “post 9/11, drug-resistance, medical-tourism etc. ” paperwork fall out that is now imposed upon those of us that have successfully taught and researched infectious disease in the relative absence the masses of university, provincial, and federal permits required to do so these days. Teaching and research has been compromised - many researchers and lecturers at smaller universities clearly identified the need for personnel as early as 5 years ago at the university level to prepare for what was a clear indication that federally mandated safety demands were to escalate significantly. Paperwork escalated,  bodies to help did not. Find a better way to address this issue or continue to watch talent, service and expertise languish or leave.

By Jeff L. on January 26, 2011

Government Agencies like Canada Customs that operates freely without an independent ombudman are the first to kill any small business initiative, stifle competition and serve the intrest of big business.

I hope the Red tape Reduction Commision has powers to change the stupid, unrealstic and arogant polices of Canada Customs

By Jay on February 28, 2011

Very good Idea.

Does the commision has any powers to implement changes? Powerful Government Agencies like Canada Customs will resist any fair changes that will benefit the public and small business.

Good Luck

By Michael on February 28, 2011

Great comission, if it works. One of the areas you should look into is Canada Customs. This Government Agency is the worst at holding up NEW BUSINESS in Ontario. They certainly go out of their way to make sure that they delay the process in the hopes that you will just fold up your tent and go away. They do not have an Ombudsman, so, they police themselves. Getting Permission from C.B.S.A. to do anything at an airport in Ontario, is very unlikely, it may create more work for them.

By d on February 28, 2011

I was of the understanding that Canada Customs meant exactually that .... CANADA, not so when it concerns the GTA. They have their own set of rules that apply to a certain airport, but not to others within the same region.
Canada Customs, at least in the GTA,does not have the same rule book that other airports MUST follow. They apply the rules when they see fit to make it work only for them

By d on February 28, 2011

Canada Customs, or should I say Toronto Customs, are a Government Agency all on their own. They Police themselves, they have no Ombudsman, they set their own standards, they make their own rules and change them to suit themselves, they set their own fee structures unlike other regions. They think they rule the country when they can tell you that THEY do not want a new business to startup. They do not adhere to their own play book. There is something seriously wrong with the customs structure at some airports, Pearson especially and should be looked into immediately.

By ray on March 4, 2011

The Red Tape Reduction Commission has the following mandate:

•  Identify irritants to business that stem from federal regulatory requirements and review how those requirements are administered in order to reduce the compliance burden on businesses, especially small businesses. The focus is on irritants that have a clear detrimental effect on growth, competitiveness and innovation; and

•  Recommend options that address the irritants and that will control and reduce the compliance burden on a long-term basis while ensuring that the environment and the health and safety of Canadians are not compromised in the process.

If you’d like to share your thoughts on federal red tape, you can tell the Commission what you think by submitting comments, position papers, or by completing an online questionnaire. This online consultation ends April 22, 2011.

For more questions on this particular initiative, contact the commission by telephone at 1-877-636-0656 (TTY 613-957-9090) or by email at

By Canada Business on March 4, 2011

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