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May 14, 2012 - Tags: Financing, Managing, Planning, Regulations, Startup

Shutterstock 61260283Take advantage of the guest advisor service offered by Info entrepreneurs, an affordable resource that gives you the chance to speak with a business plan management advisor, accountant or lawyer.

Thanks to these advisory services, which complement the other services offered by Info entrepreneurs, you can get a diagnostic of your business needs or an analysis of your current situation. Your discussions with the advisors take place in a, private environment and are treated with complete confidentiality and impartiality.

Working with professional advisors can help launch your start-up business or expand your current business. You will have the opportunity to discuss a range of topics with them, including:

  • The writing of your business plan, including a description of the steps to follow to launch your business. You can get input on the potential of your idea, ask questions about financial aspects of your project, and receive a constructive, objective opinion on your business plan.
  • The legal structure of your business, including its setup, acquisition or sale. Discuss the negotiation and drafting of commercial contracts (leases, shareholder agreements, partnerships, operating licences, franchises, etc.). Address topics such as funding, securities, civil liability, intellectual property, dispute settlement and debt recovery.
  • Questions about accounting, deductive expenses, payroll, rental, business type, bookkeeping, administrative systems and records management.
  • The legal aspects of your business, including how to acquire it, set it up, or sell it. Get advice on buying and selling equity, negotiating and drafting commercial agreements, and issues pertaining to administrative acts, including permits. Find out about policies relative to websites and conducting online business, funding, international trade law, responsibility and disputes — all of which are subjects that the guest advisors are qualified to address.

Make an appointment now to take advantage of this invaluable guest advisor service. Meetings take place in the offices of Info entrepreneurs.

To obtain availability dates or more information, contact Info entrepreneurs at 514-496-4636 or 1 888-576-4444.


I have 1000 punce and I want to do business. How can I do it?

By Halabbie on May 15, 2012

Hello Halabbie,

If you are a resident of Quebec, please address your business question directly to Info entrepreneurs. If you live elsewhere in Canada, you can contact your local Canada Business service centre From outside of Canada, dial 1-888-745-8888 (TTY: 1-800-457-8466)

Best of luck with your business plans

By Canada Business on May 15, 2012

Pls I would to known what are more diifcults to implement a new small business among Brazil - Canada?


By Fagundes on May 17, 2012

Hello Fagundes,

Our section on Starting a business can offer some insight on the different business structures to consider in Canada. Brazil may have a similar governmental site to help you compare. You may also wish to contact a Canadian Trade Commissioner in Brazil who may help you further your research.

For more information on starting or growing a business in Canada, contact the Canada Business service centre in your province or territory or call toll free 1-888-576-4444 (TTY 1-800-457-8466).

By Canada Business on May 23, 2012

Hello!!! I woul like to kow all the steps to get a bar code to pack food products and sell them in latino stores?

By ariadna on May 31, 2012

Hello Ariadna,

In order to find all the relevant information on how to get a bar code, you should contact GS1 Canada 1 800-567-7084 ext. 3 and you can also find more details on its Foodservice Sector Engagement page.

Foodservice Sector Engagement.

By Canada Business on June 6, 2012

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