Health and safety regulations 

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Learn about your obligations regarding ensuring the safety of your products, your services, and your workplace. Get information on best practices and inspections related to health and safety.

Products and services

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  • Workplace health and safety regulations

    Find out what you need to do to ensure the health and safety of your employees while they are at work.

  • Technical Inspection Services, Safety Codes and Standards
    Applies only to: New Brunswick

    Find out about standards and inspection services for electrical, plumbing, propane, natural and medical gas installations, boilers, pressure vessels, elevating devices and amusement rides operations.

  • Elevating devices safety
    Applies only to: Saskatchewan

    If your business installs or maintains elevating equipment, know which licence you need to obtain and the safety standards you need to meet.

  • Amusement ride safety
    Applies only to: Saskatchewan

    Does your business operate amusement rides, including go-karts or inflatable bounces? Know the safety standards and licence requirements for each ride or device.

  • A Guide to the Occupational Health and Safety Act (Ontario)
    Applies only to: Ontario

    Learn about your duties as an Ontario employer concerning workplace health and safety regulations.

  • Regulated Safety Services
    Applies only to: Ontario

    Learn about the enforcement of safety laws in Ontario in a number of business sectors.

  • Safety Codes Act
    Applies only to: Alberta

    Be aware of standards for buildings, electrical, natural gas, propane, plumbing, boilers, pressure vessels, elevators, amusement rides, ski lifts, and fire safety.

  • Smoke-Free Ontario
    Applies only to: Ontario

    Learn about your legal responsibilities as a business owner and employer.