Simplifying trade 

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Find out if any of these programs can help improve your ability to trade internationally. Some programs can help you with border security requirements to get you or your goods across the border more quickly. Others can help eliminate tariffs or reduce the amount of duty you may have to pay.

  • Duty Deferral Program

    Have import duties on goods waived, postponed or refunded under certain circumstances.

  • Advance Rulings for Tariff Classification

    Get confirmation on the rate of duty that will apply to goods you plan to import.

  • Free and Secure Trade

    Get pre-approved to move low-risk goods faster through the Canada-U.S. border.

  • Partners in Protection

    Help secure your supply chain and improve the flow of your goods at the border.

  • Border Wait Times

    If your commercial activities require you to cross the Canada/U.S. land border, consult the Border Wait Times table provided by the Canada Border Services Agency to help avoid delays.


    This program allows you to pass quickly through Canadian customs at major Canadian airports.


    You can use this card to help you cross the Canada-U.S. border faster when you travel for business.

  • Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Business Travel Card

    You can use this card to help you cross the border faster when you travel for business to participating countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

  • eManifest Portal

    Electronically transmit to the Canada Border Services Agency pre-arrival data for low-risk commercial shipments.

  • Customs Self Assessment Program

    Importers, carriers and registered drivers may be able to reduce the time and cost of doing business with the Canada Border Services Agency.

  • Canadian Society of Customs Brokers

    Let customs brokers help you clear your imports by preparing the required documents and dealing with the Canada Border Services Agency on your behalf.

  • Export Distribution Centre Program

    If you add limited value to goods at the processing or distribution stages, find out if you could be exempt from paying GST/HST on certain purchases or imports.

  • International Events and Convention Services Program

    This program helps you identify border requirements related to your event in Canada.

  • Exporters of Processing Services Program

    As a Canadian manufacturing service company, you might qualify to import certain goods without paying GST or HST if they are later exported.

  • Reporting your shipment

    Find out how to report the goods that you import into Canada.

International Trade Agreements

Trade agreements help to eliminate or reduce tariffs on imported goods.

Canada has free trade agreements with the United States, Mexico, Columbia, Chile, Israel, Jordan, Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama, Peru, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

Agreements with other countries are being negotiated to help improve access to more global markets.