Environmental industry 

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Do you operate a business that produces goods or services that are used to measure, prevent, limit or correct environmental damage? This kind of damage affects the water, air and soil; it includes problems related to waste, noise and ecosystems.

Environment-related businesses use resource-efficient or clean technologies that:

  • Reduce material inputs
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Reduce harmful emissions
  • Recover valuable by-products
  • Minimize waste disposal problems

If your business undertakes any of these activities, there are many available resources to help you with everything from product labelling to investment opportunities.

  • Energy-efficient products

    If you are a manufacturer or a retailer of energy-efficient products, you must ensure your products meet efficiency and labelling standards.

  • Environmental technology verification

    Find out how you can get your new environmental technology accepted, both nationally and internationally.

  • How to write an environmental policy

    Discover the benefits of having an environmental policy. Find out how to select the right format and content.

  • Permits and licences

    Find the federal, provincial/territorial and municipal permits and licences that you may need to start or manage your business.

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