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How does your business measure up to others in your industry? Benchmarking allows you to evaluate your performance and ensure that your business is operating at an optimum level.

  • Financial Performance Data

    Find out how your business measures up to others within your industry with this benchmarking tool.

  • Benchmarking tools and ratio calculators

    Use these tools to calculate your performance in areas such as asset utilization, liquidity, leverage, inventory turnover, sales, and net profits.

  • Business performance and ownership

    Find statistics and analyses on business performance, including current economic conditions, and the financing of small and medium-sized businesses.

  • Review your business performance

    Identify the steps in assessing your business' performance and learn how to highlight areas that could be improved.

  • Industry sector data

    Find statistics that can help you better understand your industry, and study the latest trends that could impact your business.

  • GO Productivity
    Applies only to: Alberta

    Find out about the latest in productivity improvement tools, benchmarking, resources, events and services.

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