Copyright and intellectual property 

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Learn about intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, copyright, industrial design and integrated circuit topographies, and how they can protect your business.

  • What is intellectual property?

    Find out what you need to know about intellectual property, how it impacts your business and how to secure your IP rights.

  • Copyright

    Find out about automatic copyright protection in Canada, how to register a copyright and how to access the Canadian Copyrights Database.

  • Trademark

    Get exclusive rights to the words, symbols or industrial designs used to distinguish your goods and services from others.

  • Patent

    Protect the rights to your invention by obtaining a patent, and access the Canadian Patent Database to search over 2 million patent documents.

  • Industrial design

    Find out how to protect an original design applied to a finished product, how to file for an industrial design, and how to access the Canadian Industrial Designs Database.

  • Integrated circuit topographies

    Did you know that IP protection is available to you for circuit designs used in many different products? Find out about applicable legislation, as well as online and printable application forms.

  • Protecting your intellectual property in export markets

    If you plan to export, you should protect your intellectual property in foreign markets.

  • Product licensing

    Learn how to maximize the market potential of your product or that of others.

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