Employment equity and human rights 

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As an employer, you have the responsibility to create a work environment where employees are treated with respect. That means ensuring that there is no discrimination or harassment in the workplace.

This information will help you understand your obligations related to employment equity and human rights.

  • BC Human Rights Tribunal
    Applies only to: British Columbia

    A quasi-judicial body created by the BC Human Rights Code, this tribunal will help you mediate and adjudicate any human rights complaints.

  • B.C. Human Rights Code
    Applies only to: British Columbia

    Understand the definition of discrimination and harassment and how complaints are handled in British Columbia.

  • Safety at work: bullying and harassment in the workplace
    Applies only to: British Columbia

    Get the information you need to prevent and address bullying and harassment in your workplace.

  • Understanding workplace rights
    Applies only to: British Columbia

    As an employer, be aware of your obligations related to human rights and employment standards in B.C.

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