Employment equity and human rights 

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As an employer, you have the responsibility to create a work environment where employees are treated with respect. That means ensuring that there is no discrimination or harassment in the workplace.

This information will help you understand your obligations related to employment equity and human rights.

  • I want to know my obligations

    Understand your employer obligations in relation to equality and equal opportunities within a federally-regulated organization.

  • Preventing discrimination

    Learn how to prevent discrimination in the workplace and how to respect your employees' human rights.

  • A template for developing an Anti-Harassment Policy

    As an employer, you are responsible for providing a harassment-free workplace and this template can help you develop guidelines for your organization.

  • Federal Contractors Program

    If your business has 100 employees or more and works on federal government contracts worth $1 million or more, you have to meet certain employment equity requirements.

  • Human Rights Maturity Model

    Learn how to create and sustain a workplace culture based on equality, dignity and respect.

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