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There are certain rules that every business must follow. In addition, you need to meet certain regulations and standards in order to remain compliant, and to increase the efficiency and credibility of your business.

Regulations and standards are different for every industry, and are often specific to certain business activities. They can change over time, so it's important to stay current.

Learn about the regulations and standards that apply to your business.

  • Regulated business activities

    Learn about regulations that apply to key business activities such as exporting, importing, marketing, and managing employees.

  • Regulated industries

    Find out how certain industry sectors are regulated and what some of the key business obligations are in those sectors.

  • Regulatory change

    Stay on top of proposed regulatory changes that may affect your business, and learn how you can influence regulatory change.

  • Standards

    Learn about standards that your business can follow to improve your products and services, or to increase your productivity.

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