Pros and cons of social media

You use social networks to build business relationships and your microblogging presence helps you connect with your customers. You also contribute to a blog that discusses topics related to your business. These social media tools can be effective ways to reach your customers, but it is also important to keep potential challenges in mind.

Social media is a form of peer-to-peer communication that has become a popular way to connect with new and existing customers. Knowledge of the pros and cons of social networking can help you make the most effective use of these tools for your business.



Creating a solid social media strategy can help you successfully deal with these challenges. For example, setting benchmarks and tracking sales stemming from social media activities can help you determine if your efforts are generating income. Having a plan for responding to criticisms and complaints shows that you take your customers' concerns seriously and can help you turn a negative experience around.

Dealing with security concerns:

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